Tuesday, 16 July 2013

AudioCd. Week 4.

During this week I had a fight with cd ejection. I haven't won it yet but I hope I will in upcoming few days.

I also continued my work on replacing kio-audiocd with libcdio. Current version of code supports asynchronous track enumeration with fetching metadata from Cd-Text. Let me show few pictures. I took audio CD with CD-Text. On the firts picture you can see how AudioCd collection for thi disc looked in Amarok+kio-audiocd:

On the left hand side you can see how collection created from the same CD looked last week (Amarok+libcdio), and on the right hand side -- how it looks now:

You can see that track number 5 has no proper name, but this is not bug, this information is missed in CD-Text.

I become a fan of libcdio, it is very powerful and easy to use library,  I have only one complaint concerning libcdio: api documentation isn't very rich.
If someone who is reading this are willing to help, then please take code from git://anongit.kde.org/clones/amarok/tgornak/melandory-gsoc.git branch name is libcdio, install it, take some of your CDs, listen for them and tell me about problems you have experienced.

P.S. I cheated a little bit in pictures, because  there is no CD-Text support in kio-audiocd, so there was no support of CD-Text in Amarok.


  1. Hi, progress seems to be going well and I would like to ask is there a change what you are now working, would fix the problem that CD disks are counted as albums?

    I mean currently a songs (files) in one album with multiple CD can not be named to belong same album but different album CD, so does it change in future so we get artist > album > disk 1 / disk 2 / disk 3 > song 1 / song 2 / song 3?

    Or is it a somekind weird standard that each CD is counted as own album?

    I have so many music albums with 2-4 CD that I wish I could finally get them playing and organized correctly by artist > album > CD > track.
    And the so many sound books where book is having 16-58 CD so getting them correctly listed would be awesome. :-)

  2. Nice progress, Tatjana. I think that the decision to use libcdio will turn out to be a good one. Keep on hacking! :-)

  3. I guess there will be a way to read out the Album name and put it where it belongs instead of having it in the file name, right? Ditto for the artist name :)